Delphic innovation

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At the 5th century BC, Oracle in Delphi released 147 aphorisms supposed to come from Apollo himself. All of them are good for inspiration, some of them are quite relevant for innovators, and connected to what we know about creativity and entrepreneurship process (effectuation). Hereafter a list.

Greek English For innovators
Νόμῳ πείθου  Obey the law Think about regulations at early stage of product dev
Γονεῖς αἰδοῦ  Respect your parents Cite your references
Γνῶθι μαθών  Know what you have learned Culture is the key
Ἀκούσας νόει  Perceive what you have heard Enhance your sensors
Σαυτὸν ἴσθι  Know yourself You are your first material
Γαμεῖν μέλλε  Intend to get married Find long term partners
Καιρὸν γνῶθι  Know your opportunity Be awake
Φρόνει θνητά  Think as a mortal Do not procastinate
Ξένος ὢν ἴσθι  If you are a stranger act like one Assume your oddness
Ἄρχε σεαυτοῦ  Control yourself Be the master of your Ego
Φίλοις βοήθει Help your friends Build your community of valuable men
Θυμοῦ κράτει  Control anger Always monitor adrenaline in relationships with customers and suppliers
Φρόνησιν ἄσκει  Exercise prudence Make experiments
Πρόνοιαν τίμα  Honor providence Sometimes best things happen unexpectedly
Κακίας ἀπέχου Shun Evil Avoid toxic people
Κοινὸς γίνου Be impartial Judge things rationally
Χρόνου φείδου  Use time sparingly Time is your treasure
Ὅρα τὸ μέλλον  Foresee the future Exercise your intuition
Ἱκέτας αἰδοῦ  Have respect for suppliants Take care of your suppliers
Πᾶσιν ἁρμόζου  Be accommodating in everything Always try to negociate
Ἔχων χαρίζου  Give what you have Never try to sale something you can’t produce
Δόλον φοβοῦ  Fear deceit Live in truth
Γνοὺς πρᾶττε Act when you know Make an opportunity analysis before acting
Σοφοῖς χρῶ  Consult the wise Contact R&D Mediation
Τέχνῃ χρῶ Use your skills If you know something then use it in your project
Ἀγαθοὺς τίμα Honor good men Search the company of good people
Ἔριν μίσει  Despise strife Polemics are time consuming and vain
Χρῶ χρήμασιν Use what you have Start with what you have rather searching for investors
Λέγε εἰδώς  Tell when you know Don’t let fake information live
Εὐπροσήγορος γίνου Be courteous The 80’s warrior business man is an has been
Ἀποκρίνου ἐν καιρῷ Give a timely response Do not hijack the time of others
Πρᾶττε ἀμετανοήτως Act without repenting If you do something necessary avoid to ruminate about
Εὐγνώμων γίνου Be grateful say thanks to helpers
Γῆρας προσδέχου Accept old age Don’t be jealous of new kids in town
Ἐπὶ ῥώμῃ μὴ καυχῶ  Do not boast in might Avoid propose what could be done with a low probability
Δόξαν μὴ λεῖπε  Do not abandon honor Always refuse compromise of principles
Φειδόμενος μὴ λεῖπε  Do not stop to be thrifty Frugality is the key for independance
Χρησμοὺς θαύμαζε Admire Oracle Find good gurus
Νεώτερον δίδασκε  Teach a youngster You have to train someone
Ἐπαγγέλλου μηδενί Make promises to no one You can try but the success is always uncertain
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