Predicting the price of chemicals by deep neural network

analogicus / Pixabay

For a chemicals manufacturer having new substances to produce, being able to write a quick commercial proposal is a major issue. Indeed, for a new molecule, the price depends on many factors and is sometimes difficult to assess. We attempted to train a deep neural network able to give a quick quotation for any new molecule. Hereinafter, the preliminary results are presented.


9 worthies – 9 preux innovation

[EN] The nine worthies are a 14th century list of nine special warriors and heroes (three for three period of History). Who would you choose for a 9 worthies innovators list?

[FR] Les 9 preux sont une liste datant du XIVème siècle et qui reprend neuf héros guerriers particulièrement valeureux, trois dans trois périodes de l’Histoire. Quels seraient pour vous les neuf preux de l’innovation?