A deep learning virtual machine

R&D Mediation proposes a virtual machine image for Virtualbox with preinstalled deep learning libraries (Tensorflow, scikit, pandas…). The machine is running in virtualbox but you can run algorithm from you usual browser. Step 1 Download the virtual machine Deep.ova (ca 3Gb) Install virtualbox then launch it Use File|Import Appliance to install locally the virtual machine[…]

IP by AI: the monkey problem


This picture has been triggered by a Celebes macaque in Indonesia fascinated by the mirroring effect produced by the lens of a camera. An intellectual property legal dispute between the camera’s owner and various organisations including Wikipedia occurred to know who have the rights for a creation made by non-human. This is a problem we also have at R&D Mediation, not about monkeys, not so frequent here, but about our artificial intelligence.


Predicting the price of chemicals by deep neural network

analogicus / Pixabay

For a chemicals manufacturer having new substances to produce, being able to write a quick commercial proposal is a major issue. Indeed, for a new molecule, the price depends on many factors and is sometimes difficult to assess. We attempted to train a deep neural network able to give a quick quotation for any new molecule. Hereinafter, the preliminary results are presented.