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2 mai 2016

R&D Médiation Business Offers and ServicesScopeEN

R&D Mediation proposes assistance in contract and project management for research & development or technological transformation projects. Our clients are entrepreneurs and businesses developing new products and services, or those engaged in advanced research projects.

In 2014 and 2015, our fields of practice covered, among others, new information technologies, industrial processes, knowledge management in the health sector, geo-location techniques, technological transfer, and the defence sector.

R&D Médiation is accredited for Research Tax Credits and Innovation Tax Credits by the French State.


Here are a few examples of actions undertaken on behalf of our clients:

  • Opportunity analyses for new products/markets/technologies
  • Developing and drawing-up of medium-term R&D plans
  • Assistance in drafting national and European calls for projects
  • Assistance in experimental design
  • Creation and implementation of technology intelligence information systems
  • Organisation and WBS for multi-partner R&D projects
  • Set-up and coordination of public/private R&D projects
  • Technical and operational support for new entrepreneurs
  • Preparation and drafting of user requirements and technical specifications
  • Summary conferences on innovation and the impact of advancing technologies on the markets
  • Auditing of failing development projects


R&D Mediation: Our values



Scientific and economic investigation is designed for decision-making. We firmly believe that a decision, even if made intuitively, is a good decision only if formed on a sound basis of actual and verified facts.



Analyses and projects are performed in an open and direct manner, without undue influence or hidden agenda. Such research may lead to game-changing breakthroughs. The principle of factuality, as evoked above, is thus exercised with the requisite goodwill.



A durable cooperative relationship with a business partner is always preferable. The diversity of the domains and markets in which we are developing relationships on behalf of our clients fosters the cross-pollination of ideas from one domain to another and reinforces the intellectual property of each.

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